Events and Degree Programmes

2018 – The 27th IPS Congress will be hosted by the Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP) at the UN Office in Nairobi, Kenya.   See:

15-16 December, 2014 – Primate Society of Great Britain (PSGB) winter meeting will be held at the University of Birmingham.    For information and details see:

6-10 June, 2014 – 1st International Conference on Biodiversity in the Congo Basin.   Location is  Kisangani Democratic Republic of Congo.   The forest ecosystems of the Congo Basin are home to bonobos and mountain gorillas, among other species.   A main objective of the conference is to “analyze data to facilitate the sustainable conservation of the natural resources of the Congo basin”.   For details on this meeting see: and objectives

9 – 13 June, 2014 – International Gorilla Workshop.   Held at Atlanta Zoo, Atlanta, Georgia – for further information see:

11-16 August, 2014 – International Primatological Society (IPS) Congress.   Held every two years, this is the society’s 25th congress.  The venue is Hanoi, Vietnam, the Melia Hotel.   See the website for full information:

13 September, 2014 – International Primate Rescue Convention.   Held in Manchester, UK.   For details see:

Other websites for lists of past and upcoming events relating to primates include:

  • Primate Info Net, University of Wisconsin, Madison – Meetings Calendar
  • University of Chicago, Behavioral Biology Laboratory – Conference

Degree Programmes

Primate Conservation degrees and courses in the UK:

Oxford Brookes University, Headington Campus, Oxford  –  MSc in Primate Conservation, Department of Social Sciences  –  see:

University of Kent, Canterbury  –  MSc in Conservation and Primate Behaviour, School of Anthropology and Conservation  –  see:

University of Roehampton, London –  MRes in Primate Biology, Behaviour and Conservatioon, Department of Life Sciences 

While the University of Exeter’s MA Anthrozoology does not have specific focus on primates, it does have a module dedicated to humans and primates, and primates feature in other modules as well.  You can also write your essays on primate subject matter – I would highly recommend the programme!


Masters in Primatology, University of Girona – see their blog.

See also world-wide listing – organizations A to Z – on International Directory of Primatology Educational Programs website (degrees, training courses, field schools):

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