Primate Taxonomy


Unfortunately, University of Notre Dame no longer has their Primate Taxonomy opencourseware session available.  So we are including here university links to useful information and an introductory video:

Washington State University/Vancouver – Primate Taxonomy (R. Quinlan), Taxonomy and Primates

University of California, Davis – Primate Classification, Dr. Kristin Liv Rauch:

Please do note that classifications from the family Hominidae to sub-family level have been and still are disputed.  For instance, in the above video, Dr. Rauch separates the Hominids into the sub-families of the Pongids (including chimps, one would assume bonobos as well, gorillas and orangutans) and the Hominins (bipedal apes, AKA human beings) – she does comment below the video that she plotted anatomical features, but if the video had been focused on DNA similarities she would have grouped them differently.  The Smithsonian highlights the early classifications and debate in the article, “What’s in a Name;  Hominid versus Hominin?“, and this author places chimps and gorillas in the Hominin sub-family with human beings.

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