Primate Charities


Shaldon Wildlife Trust – is an international centre for rare and endangered species, caring for a variety of primates including the critically endangered yellow breasted capuchin, the red titi monkey, the pigmy slow loris, lemurs, tamarins and many others (located at Shaldon, Devon)

Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary – rescues primates from zoos, laboratories, the pet trade and also cares for a limited number of other animals in need, or assists in finding homes (based in South Wales in the Brecon Beacons National Park)

MONA UK – mission to end the exploitation of primates in captivity (sanctuary based in Girona, Spain)

The Monkey Sanctuary – cares for monkeys rescued in the UK and from the international primate pet trades (based on the Cornish coast)

Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary – rescues monkeys from the pet trade and zoos, not open for visits (located on ten acres of woodland in Berkshire)

Other Countries

Center for Great Apes – sanctuary provides life-time care for orangutans and chimpanzees retired or rescued from the entertainment industry, from medical research facilities or those primates no longer wanted as pets (located in Wauchula, Florida).

Center for the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Primates – this sanctuary – largest of its kind in South America – saves primates from the smuggling trade.   One major goal is to stop the trafficking.   See further information and photos:     (located in Penaflor, Santiago, Chile)

Chimps Inc. – life-time home for rescued chimps – endorsed by Jane Goodall.   Interesting video on the site:     (located in Bend, Oregon)

International Primate Protection League  (IPPL) – also known as Ape and Monkey Rescue and Sanctuaries (AMRS) – works towards the well being of non-human primates – has a gibbon sanctuary for rescued gibbons in Summerville, South Carolina.   See:

Orangutan Outreach – aims to protect orangutans in the wild, care for orphaned orangutans until they can be released back into their natural environment and raise public awareness of the plight of orangutans.   See:     (New York-based)

Primarily Primates – located in Texas, United States, this sanctuary takes in exploited primates from the pet trade, circuses and entertainment industry who would otherwise have nowhere else to go.

Primate Trust India, at the Tree House, North Goa – cares for orphaned, abused and injured primates.  See:

Save the Chimps Inc. – sanctuary providing a home for life for chimps rescued from biomedical research labs, the entertainment world and the pet trade.  See their website:   (located in Fort Pierce, Florida)

Friends of Bonobos – the only organization providing sanctuary for injured and orphaned bonobos – located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.   See:

PASA Primates – Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, 22 member primate sanctuaries across Africa

International Primate Rescue – began as the Marmoset Welfare Foundation but has grown to include other monkeys (located near Pretoria in South Africa)

International Primatological Society – promoting academic research and conservation of primates

International Fund for Animal Welfare – the charity has a page for primates

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