EU and UK Legislation


EU Animal Welfare Strategy

EU Directive for the Protection of Animals used for Scientific Purposes

European Ban on Animal Testing (cosmetics)

European Coalition to End Animal Experiments – contains up to date information on ending primate experiments in the EU, etc.

EC Report, The Welfare of Non-human Primates used in Research (2002) – provides background to the current EU directive (above)


Animal Welfare Act (2006)

National Anti-vivisection Society – provides information on UK law and animal experimentation (based on the EU Directive)

Amending the UK Animal Experimentation Law – a threat to UK Standards – RSPCA

Primate Pet Ownership in England on the Rise – BBC News, explains the current legal situation regarding primate pet ownership

An aside:  WSPA is developing a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.  You can take action to back the declaration.

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