We will be highlighting the conservation (and status) of endangered species of primates within this section of the website, as well as international conventions (CBD, CITES), “wild law” and indigenous peoples’ relationships with other primates in certain regions.

We would also like to provide you with some “case studies” of primate conservation projects here.  The following videos can serve as an introduction to research and initiatives in different parts of the world.  Our aim here is to spotlight the work of veterans in the field but to also introduce early career researchers who have, and will have, much to offer primate conservation through their work.  If you are an ECR (anywhere in the world) who would like your work featured on our website, please do contact us via comments.

Our Documentaries page also includes videos relating to conservation.

Birute Galdikas on orangutans and early career researcher Mary Jo Austin on primates and the bush meat trade in a region of Cameroon:  these interviews (Anthropology Field Notes, Central Washington University) include information that may be basic to some of you, but they also reveal the complexities of primate conservation and the importance of connecting with local people.

Travis Steffens, early career researcher studying primates in Madagascar: 

Into the Wild – Lemurs with John Cleese (1999):

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