Primates as Pets

Pets in their home country

This video highlights the problem for gibbons in Thailand, from the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (try to ignore the music at the beginning!):

Pets in the UK

As an introduction to the legal situation (consideration of a ban) regarding keeping primates as pets, please watch this UK Parliament video:

You can read the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee Primates as Pets 11th Report of 2013-14.

Pets in the US

A great charity called Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary, located in Florida, takes in unwanted pet monkeys, as well as monkeys from labs (etc).  The sanctuary educates the US public about the inherent problems with keeping monkeys as pets and is against the practice full-stop.  Please visit their website for useful information.

Please watch the following documentary called “My Child is a Monkey”, which reveals the suffering that monkeys must endure as pets.   Jungle Friends founder Kari Bagnall is featured in the film:

You can also find good resources on the University of Wisconsin-Madision National Primate Research Centre page on Primates as Pets – the links introduce some of the welfare issues.

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