The information we provide so far in this section introduces the issue of experimentation on primates, from the perspective of animal welfare and protection.  We will shortly be adding content that engages with the debates in this area, also including alternatives to animal experimentation.


Cruelty Free International, a UK-based NGO, campaigns to stop animal experimentation and conducts investigations into the welfare of animals kept in laboratory facilities.  Their website provides latest, breaking news on this subject. Cruelty Free International’s Save Our Monkeys campaign is raising support and awareness for long-tailed macaques (M. fascicularis) in Mauritius, where the monkeys are bred and then exported for use by the biomedical industry.  The NGO has also launched a petition to support this cause.  More broadly, Cruelty Free International campaigns to end international trade in monkeys for experimentation.

There have been recent calls in the US for the USDA to protect the well-being of primates used in research.

Other important information on animal testing has been cited by Peta UK, see: “Help! Primates Abused at Europe’s Largest Monkey Testing Laboratory”.  Though we realize that Peta has been considered an extreme animal rights organization by some, often its news is a major source of information and should be reported.  (11 October, 2015)

The Harvard Medical School has been fined $24,000 for gross violations of animal welfare – the treatment and deaths of numerous primates, over a period of time, prompted the action.



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