Baby Chimp Rescue

The “Hundred Acre Wood”, of Pooh Bear fame, is the name of the planned, 100-acre home for orphaned chimpanzees in Liberia, on the West African coast.  The Liberian Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection, or LCRP, was founded in 2010 by Jenny and husband/ vet Jimmy Desmond, with the help of their rescue dog Princess who has been nanny to many of the babies.  The present sanctuary – now badly overcrowded – will eventually move to its new site in the Marshall Wetlands, an area of unique biodiversity.  Trained and experienced caregivers look after over 40 orphans (many under five years old), traumatised after losing their mothers as a result of the illegal bushmeat and pet trades.  The LCRP works with Liberia’s Forestry Development Authority and numerous world, wildlife conservation organizations to protect the chimps and the land, and to raise public awareness to threats to the chimpanzee population – the second largest population of western chimpanzees.

To learn more about this important sanctuary and the chimps they have rescued and rehabilitated, see their website:


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