Lemurs in Art

Wildlife artist Deborah Ross has created many watercolors of primates – especially lemurs – and has exhibited her work in the U. S., South America, Africa and Madagascar.  She taught drawing and painting to children in remote African villages, collaborated on a book on baboons with Dr. S. Strum, and worked with primatologist Dr. Alison Jolly on a series of books focusing on lemurs.  Her paintings include depictions of the lemurs of Kirindy-Mitea National Park on Madagascar’s southwest coast – a threatened ecosystem that is home to eight species of lemurs, including the world’s smallest primate, the mouse lemur.  Ross has exhibited with other artists in connection with the Lemur Conservation Foundation – a 130 acre center for lemur studies in Myakka City, Florida.


See also:  http://www.lemurreserve.org

Wildlife of Madagascar, K. Behrens and K. Barnes, 2016.

Dwarf and Mouse Lemurs of Madagascar, E. Zimmermann, 2016.