Arcas Guatemala

Arcas Guatemala Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center has projects sited in Guatemala City, Peten and Hawaii Park, Guatemala (on the Pacific coast between Mexico and El Salvador).  Established in 1989, Arcas is a non-profit NGO founded by Guatemalan citizens determined to save endangered wildlife (including primates such as spider and howler monkeys).  One of the largest centers of its type in the world – now with associates in the US and the UK – the sanctuary receives approximately 300 to 600 animals, more than 40 species annually.
Arcas emphasizes environmental education, supports the enforcement of national and international wildlife laws, and takes an active part in attempts to stop animal trafficking.  And the organization raises awareness through training courses, numerous campaigns and work within the local community.  Over 500 volunteers per year aid Arcas.
The Arcas Vision :
“to improve the chances of survival and conservation of endangered species and their habitat, as well as assisting in the rational management of natural resources.”

Snub-nosed monkey shows compassionate care for dying mate

A recent study by Yang, Anderson and Li (2016), reported in New Scientist, reports compassionate care exhibited by a snub-nosed monkey to his dying mate.  These researchers conclude that, “empathy and compassion surrounding death extend beyond humans and their closest evolutionary relatives” (stated in their abstract).  Please see the article in Current Biology, Vol 26 (10)