Featured: Centro de Rescate y Rehabilitacion de Primates, Penaflor

Located about 40 kilometres outside Santiago, Chile, the town of Penaflor is home to the Centre for the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Primates.  Opened in 1996 by Elba Munoz Lopez,  the sanctuary houses about 160 primates of 12 species – it is the largest centre of its kind in South America, with a Primate Traffic Museum opened by Jane Goodall.  Stopping the trafficking in primates is a major goal.  The centre welcomes educational visits/projects, but is not open to the general public.  Their website focuses on a number of rescued primates and their rehabilitation, including Daniela, a female baboon rescued from a Mexican circus, whose rehabilitation has included a healthy new habitat which she shares with Daniel, a male baboon.

Visits to the centre can be arranged by contacting:   contacto@centrodeprimates.com