Featured Charity – Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary, located in Gainesville, Florida (where I spent some of my formative years!) began as a haven for two white-faced capuchin monkeys – Kari Bagnall had rescued Samantha, her ex-boyfriend’s cast aside pet and then had acquired Samantha’s sister, Charlotte, in an attempt to give Samantha the company she naturally required.  But Bagnall realised, after valiant efforts to address their needs within her own home, that these monkeys and all other monkeys could not live properly as pets.  We’ve included the Sanctuary’s mission here:

“Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary provides permanent high-quality sanctuary care for New World monkeys being retired from laboratory research, ex-pets, or monkeys who have been confiscated by the authorities.

Jungle Friends is also committed to advocacy and education on behalf of all captive non-human primates, and to provide assistance to improve the circumstances of captive primates wherever possible.”

Samantha and Charlotte at the sanctuary:


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