Featured book: Bonobo Handshake


We’d like to start regularly featuring books, both new and old, in our blog posts.  Bonobo Handshake (2010), by Vanessa Woods, introduces readers to the war-torn Congo and the peaceable bonobos living in the midst of conflict.

You can read an interview with Vanessa Woods and her husband, Brian Hare, in the New York Times, which provides some details of their scientific work in Africa:

Calls for the USDA to protect the well-being of primates used for research

Credit to ALDF (press release)
Credit to ALDF (press release)

Current Animal Welfare Act (AWA) legislation is not specific enough to actually be applied to protect the welfare of primates used for research in the United States.  So the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) is calling on the USDA to change regulations to protect the well-being of primates in research contexts.  For instance, ALDF asks for a halt to maternal deprivation experiments that will deeply scar infants.  At the same time, they ask for better enrichment and socialisation for these animals.  Please read further details in the ALDF press release.