Primates have suffered historically because of loss of habitat, hunting and the pet trade, animal experimentation and other captive contexts.  The pages provided here contain information on primate conservation, welfare and ethical issues, and relevant legislation and policy.  We take an anthrozoological perspective, and so are interested in human-animal interactions and relationships in these areas.  The blog posts will feature valuable books on primates, studies on particular primate species and larger issues related to conservation and welfare, considering how we relate to other primates.

At the same time, it is valuable to look at the experiences/lives of other vertebrates to better understand  the lives of primates through comparison and contrast, so we will be featuring other animals on some webpages and in some blog posts as well.


Kahuzi-Biega National Park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is home to the severely-threatened eastern lowland gorilla.  A recent video provides details on threats to the park and the animals.

We are sad to hear the news that Professor Robert Sussman died on 8 June, 2016 – Prof Sussman is known for his research on lemurs, and dedication to their conservation.  He also contributed to understandings of introduced long-tailed macaques in Mauritius. Please see our latest blog post for our tribute to him.


Ponso, one of 20 chimps abandoned by New York Blood Center (NYBC) in the 1980s on an island in Ivory Coast – you may have heard of the 66 chimps abandoned by NYBC in Liberia (see news item below).  All other chimps except Ponso have died due to lack of proper food and their poor condition as a result of experimentation – a caring local farmer (Germain), with little money to spare, brought them bananas and bread for years.   It’s due to his kindness that Ponso has survived.  Please donate to SOS Ponso and to the 66 chimps.  Here’s another video of Ponso to show his interaction with chimpanzee expert, Estelle Raballand (followed by the original we had posted):

Look at our Documentaries page, with more videos added in January 2019.

Website Research Support and Illustrations

Many thanks to Gabrielle Vernet, researcher and art historian, and P.R. Miller, illustrator and communications manager, (both based in the UK) for volunteering their time to the website.

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